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2008 #1

A Word from the Editor

The main theme of Issue 1 (January, February) of 2008 is the article by I. Bartsitsa on analyzing the effectiveness of state institutions.

Other important materials include an article by S. Polenina, O. Gavrilov and N. Koldaeva on problems with cooperation between different legal system amid globalization, V. Gustov on parliamentarism in the Commonwealth of Independent States, M. Somov on the primary criteria of the systematization of state organs in Russia, A. Berdashkevich, N. Bulaev and A. Kalinin on the legal regulation of citizens’ appeals concerning education and science and V. Chernov on the theory of the clash of civilizations.

Other articles of interest include I. Ibragimov on the definition of “victim” in a legal context, N. Kornushov and S. Pepelyayev on the Russian Civil Code and others.

Representative Power - XXI century

#1(80) – 2008




Interview with the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on the Commonwealth of Independent States V.A. Gustov


  • I.N. Bartsits Indicators of the Effectiveness of State Authority (a Subjective Opinion on International Standards) (part 1)
  • S.V. Polenina, O.A. Gavrilov and N.P. Koldaeva Problems with Interaction between Legal Systems in a Globalized World
  • M.D. Somov Primary Criteria of the Systematization of the Organs of State Power of the Russian Federation (part 2)
  • A.M. Dzhafarov Reforming Prosecutor’s Oversight in Russia from the Perspective of International Legal Standards


  • A.P. Berdashkevich, N.I. Bulaev and A.V. Kalinin The Legal Regulation of Citizens’ Appeals Concerning Education and Science
  • V.V. Cherny The Theory of the Clash of Civilizations: The Idea of Class Struggle or the Manipulation of the Mind? (part2)


  • I.M. Ibragimov The Definition of “Victim” in the Context of Legal and Procedural Law


  • N.M. Korshunov The Legal Code of the Russian Federation: An Attempt Using Useless Methods
  • S.G. Pepelyayev Article 169 of the Russian Legal Code Should be Removed!


  • N.N. Korsanenko Insurance Risk (part 1)
  • S.A. Muzika Problems with Coordinating the Form and Content of Federal Laws made by the Executive Branch of the Russian Federation
  • O.S. Guzeeva Legal Methods of Monitoring Internet Activity – Specifically, in Regards to Websites that Promote Drug Use


  • Y.A. Pulov and O.M. Limich The Legal Regulation of Secure Bank Deposits



"Representative Power – 21st Century: Legislation, Commentary, Problems" is the only magazine published under auspices of the committees of the State Duma, RF Federal Assembly. Its short title is "Representative Power – 21st Century".

The magazine is an independent legal scholarly and practical bi-monthly periodical founded in 1994. We also publish special issues.

The magazine is dedicated to legal aspects of the activity of the representative branch of government. It contains commentary and review of legislative acts, draft laws, legal expertise, questions of parliamentary ethics, analysis of the practice of implementation of law and other normative acts, problems of legal regulation of judicial system, financial activities, taxation, science and education, globalization, religious organizations and public associations, guarantees of human rights and civil freedoms, development of the civil society, etc.


The magazine goals are aimed at development of the rule of law, representative power and parliamentarism, financial market, foreign investments, institutions of the civil society in Russia; protection of human rights and civil freedoms; enhancement of humanitarian values, ethics and morality.

Since creation of the magazine, we have published several special issues dedicated to political parties, elections of the deputies and RF President, parliamentarism, various aspects of lobbyist activities. We pay a lot of attention to economic reforms, international relations and various areas of law and legislation.



Representative Power – 21st Century: Legislation, Commentary, Problems
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