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2009 #4

dsfsdInnovation Policy is the main topic of the latest (No.4, June 2009) issue of “Representative Power – 21st Century”.

Among other materials it contains: - an interview of Editor-in-Chief Alexei P. Lyubimov with a Nobel Prize winner, member of the State Duma, Academician and Vice President of the Russian Academy of Science Zhores I. Alferov; - From Information, Information Processes and Technologies to Nanotechnologies”; - On Problems of Formation of a New International Financial Architecture” by Eugeny M. Primakov.


Representative power - XXI century:

#4 (91) – 2009



From information, information processes and technologies to nanotechnologies. Interview of Alexei Lyubimov with Zh.I. Alfyorov, Nobel Prize Winner, Academician, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Deputy of the RF State Duma

V.A. Trainev, L.O. Myrova. Problems of Information Support of Electromagnetic Compatibility

Congratulations - A. Trainev!


E.M. Primakov. On Problems of Forming New International Financial Architecture (Speech at a Meeting of the “Mercury-Club”)

A.P. Lyubimov. Participants in a Meeting of the “Mercury-Club” (including S.Glaziev, I.Korolev, I.Yurgens, D.Pankin, R.Greenberg, E.Fedorov, A.Danilov-Danilyan) on Problems of the Financial and Economic Crisis

I.A. Lazarev. New Network Economy of the Information Society

Z.M. Fatkudinov. State Power in Aphorisms


How to Fight Corruption? Interview of Yu.G. Zvyagin with Deputy of the RF State Duma V.I. Ilyukhin

N.M. Korshunov. Reforming the Procuracy in the Modern Russia: Critical Analysis of Contemporary Approaches

S.V. Polenina. Globalization and Tendencies of Development of International and National Law

Z.M. Fatkudinov. State Power in Aphorisms


S.S. Mrtchyan, G.M. Mkrtchyan. Globalization and Education


A.Y. Kalinin. Political Culture of Russia and the Processes of Lawmaking

Abstract: The article is dedicated to the main modern approaches to the definition of the political culture’s substance and its classification. It also considers the interrelation between legal and political cultures. The article presents an analyses of the main historical factors defining the substance of the modern political culture of Russia in the context of its influence on the processes of lawmaking.

Key words: Politics, Law, Culture, Classification, Russia, Lawmaking


A.V. Tulikov. Problems of Development of Legislation on Information in the Regions


Z.I. Elkibaeva. Legal Foundation of Formation and Activities of the Apparatuses of the Chambers of the RF Federal Assembly

Abstract: The article of Z.I. Elkibaeva Z.I. is dedicated to one of the least studied subjects in modern Parliamentary Law of Russia – formation of legal foundations of organization and work of apparatuses of the Chambers of the RF Federal Assembly. The author looks at the problem through the prism of analysis of legal acts of the highest government bodies: acts of the RF President, and acts of Chambers of the RF Federal Assembly, which create the legal basis for establishment and activities of the Chambers’ apparatuses.

Key words: Law, Foundations, Parliament, Apparatus, Acts, Government Bodies, Chamber, Russian Federation

P.M. Isaeva. On the Separation of Powers in the Russian Federation

Abstract: P.M. Isaeva’s article is dedicated to the theory of the separation of powers. It’s a hot and up-to-date topic that allows to consider the theory in the historical context, including the period of Russian legislation.

Key words: Separation of Powers, History, Legislation, Theory



Representative Power – 21st Century: Legislation, Commentary, Problems
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