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The main topics of No.5-6 (July-September 2008) issue of the magazine "Representative Power - Century 21" include articles by T. Yakovleva on partnership between government and business, I. Trutnov on terrorism as the war of the future.

Other important themes include: L. Aivar on legal problems of surrogate motherhood, I. Borisov on electoral sovereignty, I. Ibragimov on criminal law, A. Yakovlev and V. Sysoev on legal culture, V. Lizun and S. Vasyliev on specifics of innovation process in Russia.

Several other publications also deserve mentioning including articles on law-making and other issues by A. Chertkov, E. Skurko, N. Belyakova and N. Anisimova.

Representative power - XXI century:

#5-6(84-85) 2008


Yakovleva T.V. Investment in human development by means of partnership between government and business is an important condition for modernization in Russia

Government and law

Trunov I.L. Terrorism is the war of the future
Aivar L.K. Legal problems of surrogate motherhood: Legislative proposals


Borisov I.B. Electoral sovereignty
Anisimova N.I. The issues of legal drafting improvement of the laws of constituent units of the Russian Federation on the elections of the members of the regional parliaments

Federative relations

Chertkov A.N. The ways of bringing regional legislation in the sphere of joint competence of the Russian Federation and its constituent units in conformity with federal legislation

Legal culture

Interview with A.M. Yakovlev, To live according to the law or according to the truth?
Sysoev V.D. Life is given for well-doing (part 1)

Criminal law

Ibragimov I.M. The grounds for and the procedure of recognition of a person as a victim

Economics and law

Lizun V.N. Specifics of innovation process in Russia (part 1)
Vasyliev S.V. Classification of tax stimulation methods of innovative activities

Political science

Kireev Kh.S. Political extremism as a threat for infosphere of political system in Russia

Science and education

Skurko E.V. Law-making process and building of legal system in the Russian Federation in the age of globalization. Roundtable at the Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Science (Part 1)
Belyakova N.V. Regulatory basis for realization of the Education national priority project


Lyubimov A.P. Book review: The Principles of law by. Skurko E.V. (Moscow, Os-89, 2008. 192 p.)



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