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Main articles of the 2nd and 3rd issues (March-May 2009) of "Representative Power: 21st Century" are dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Russian Constitution. Alexander Domrin completes his article "Constitutional Coup of 1993 and America" (in three parts), and Vladislav Krasnow reports about the celebration of the Russian Constitution's anniversary in Washington, DC

Other important topics of Issue 3 include: an interview with Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Yu. Vorobiev on corruption; articles by Yu.Arzamasov on "shadow law"; I.Trunov, N.Shurukhnov, A.Kalinin on human rights (health protection, medical errors, privacy of phone calls, etc.); P.Akayomov on public opinion in the State Duma; I.Borisov on elections; V.Ivanov, A.Ivanov, V.Nikogosyan on the models of sustainable development management; V.Cherny and V.Dybov on the Collective Security Treaty (ODKB); E.Skurko on lawmaking; E.Morozova on state services; A.Sadyka on the works by William Faulkner

Representative power - XXI century:

#2-3(89-90) – 2009

Government and law

The Hydra of corruption, Interview with Yuri L. Vorobyev, Deputy Chairman of the RF Federation Council

Yu.G. Arzamasov. Fight against the Influence of the “Shadow Law” on Legal Consciousness of the Russian Citizens and on Contemporary Social Relations (Part 1)


A.N. Domrin. Coup d’etat of 1993 and America (part 3)

Wladislav G. Krasnow. The Russian Constitution at Fifteen Discussed in Washington.
Human Rights

A.V. Belyakov. A Right to Health: Control functions of some international bodies

I.L. Trunov. Medical mistake, error, crime

N.G. Shurukhnov. Constitutional right of citizens to privacy of telephone calls: legal foundations and procedure of limitations

A.Yu. Kalinin. Recognition of Human Rights and the Concept of Constitutionalism in the Context of Their Historical Influence on the Lawmaking in Russia

A.P. Lyubimov. Review of a book «Higher education: The ideal and reality» by S.I. Plaksia (Moscow: National Institute of Business, 2008)

P.I. Akayomov. The Power of Public Opinion in the State Duma Activities


I.B. Borisov. Europe selects the best: european electoral technologies are not worse than russian technologies

Management of sustainable debelopment

V.N. Ivanov, A.V. Ivanov. russian model of sustainable development (Part 2)

V.A. Nikogosyan. The 21st Century: Monocentrism of Democracy or Polycentrism of Iricracy?

State Policy

V.V. Cherny, V.A. Dybov. Collective Defense Treaty, Development of Partnership in the Sphere of Security, and the Role of Russia in Its Further Development


Skurko E.V. Law-making process and building of legal system in the Russian Federation in the age of globalization. Roundtable at the Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Science (part 4)

State Regulation of Economics

E.V. Morozova. State Services and Entrepreneurship

M-A. M-G. Sadyki. William Faulkner’s Introduction to a Book of Paintings “Sherwood Anderson and Other Famous Creoles” by William Spratling



Representative Power – 21st Century: Legislation, Commentary, Problems
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